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작성일 : 18-01-24 01:05
KSEA Seattle - February Social Event (2/17 SAT)
 글쓴이 : 재미한인과…
조회 : 378  
[ Event Summary ]
When: 7:00 - 9:00 pm, February 17th, 2018 SAT
Where:  Floating Bridge Brewing, 722 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105
What & Who: To socially network with KSEA members and non-members who are undergraduate & graduate students, as well as working professionals in various industries
Host: Korean American Scientists & Engineers Association (KSEA) Seattle Chapter

[ * Social Event-specific * RSVP Policy ]
The event fee is $10 per person, and it must be paid in cash when you show up at this event. 

The RSVP deadline is 2/15 THU.  After submitting your RSVP response, if you can no longer attend the event, you must cancel your RSVP response by 2/15 THU by emailing us at ksea.seattle.social@gmail.com.  Changing your "Going" status to something else on the KSEA Seattle Facebook page doesn't count although the event announcement may have been made thereon.  If you don't show up at our social event without canceling your RSVP response, a no-show will be recorded against your name.   If you have a no-show, you can still RSVP to a future social event, but you'll be required to pay $10 for a no-show and the future event fee so that you can be admitted to the future social event.

As a general rule, you'll be responsible for your own drink and meal other than the food and drink that we provide you with at this event.  Please do not leave your bill/tab open unnecessarily longer than it should be. 

NOTE 1: You're not allowed to bring anyone else to this event unless that person has already RSVP'ed.  No RSVP, no admission.

NOTE 2:  Business casual is a recommended dress code.

NOTE 3: At any point in this social event, the Social Event Team members reserve a right to decline their social event service to anyone who fails to comply with their event-related instructions/requests.

[ Membership Drive ]
To better serve our social event participants in general, we ask you to support KSEA by becoming a KSEA member or renewing your KSEA membership. You can conveniently do so online at http://ksea.org/join.aspx. Membership is free for undergraduate students, $15 for graduate students (but it'll be reimbursed to the member 100% upon request), and $35 for working professionals. Throughout the year, there are various events and benefits available to only KSEA members, so become a KSEA member today!

[ RSVP Link ]

If you have any questions regarding this event, please send an email to ksea.seattle.social@gmail.com.

Socially yours, 

Social Event Team
KSEA Seattle

[ KSEA Seattle Websites ]
KSEA Seattle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kseaseattle/
KSEA Seattle Website: http://seattle.ksea.org


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